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Fig Farms Wins emerald cup best Indoor Flower and

best indoor breeder

Animal Face, the Emerald Cup 1st Place Indoor Flower Winner

Animal Face by Fig Farms was named as this year’s 1st place indoor flower at the Emerald Cup.  

The 1st place winning Animal Face was hunted from seed, further solidifying the ability Fig Farms has in selecting winning phenotypes. Animal Face’s terpene profile was categorized by the Emerald Cup as “OG & Gas” with tasting notes of gas, kiwi and paint thinner. 

Holy Moly!, the Emerald Cup Indoor Flower Breeder’s Cup Winner

Holy Moly! by Fig Farms is this year’s Breeder’s Cup award winner for Indoor Flower.

Fig Farms created the Holy Moly! strain by pollinating Banana Fig flowers with Animal Mints pollen. Holy Moly!’s terpene profile was classified by the Emerald Cup as “Dessert,” with tasting notes of cherry, chocolate sauce and Tootsie Pop center.


“Thank you to the Emerald Cup judges for recognizing and validating our obsessive perfectionism in the garden - we are extremely honored to be receiving these awards. California is the epicenter of the cannabis culture universe, making a win in the Emerald Cup a world wide achievement. Winning these awards in Hollywood amongst all of our respected friends and peers is a proud moment we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.”

-keith, fig farms owner

Purple Fig x Secret Sunset Stack 1.1.jpg

Fig Farms is 100% owned by legacy growers.
Fig Farms will always be true to our roots. Dedicated to unique terpene profiles, breeding, pheno hunting and chasing the perfect flower.
Our flowers are available in licensed retailers throughout California, Arizona, & Illinois.

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