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Grown by: Fig Farms
Bred by: Fig Farms
Lineage: Banana Fig x Animal Mints 198 #1
Tasting Notes: Tootsie Pop center, sour cherry, mole sauce
Look: Color of fine amethyst, spiky leaves with a forest of frost
Holy Moly! is a Fig Farms x Seed Junky cross. We took our 1st place Cannabis Cup Winning Banana Fig and crossed it to a male flower we found in a seed pack of Seed Junky's Animal Mints. 

The strain gets its name from its incredible appearance and its taste profile likeness to chocolatey mole sauce.  Holy Moly! has
firm crystals that snap like twigs when you break the flower up.


Awarded the prestigious Breeders Cup Award and 5th place in the Indoor Flower category at Emerald Cup 2022 

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