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Grown by: Fig Farms

Tasting Notes: sweet and sour sauce’s sour component, machine grease, buttered popcorn jelly bean, clear Lifesavers candy, white-out pen, and twisted lemon garnish from a fancy drink

"When cracking the jar the nose is greeted with strong skunky garlicky gas, notes of peppery spice and sweet lemony kush come through in the back. When a nug is broken down, loud aromas of shoe rubber and dank earth are released, sweeter background notes of anise, licorice, and musky dough are present as well."  -Fig Farms Garden Production Manager


"Super dense and sticky to the touch. Extremely smooth on the inhale, tastes like a delicate, creamy lemon drop on the exhale. Provides an uplifting and creative high."  -Fig Farms Chief Operating Officer

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