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Grown by: Fig Farms

Bred by: Fig Farms

Lineage: Banana Fig x Moon Drops 103 #1

Tasting notes: Cantaloupe rind, blue Gatorade, Aquafresh toothpaste


Our new Moonana Wreck is the unexpected offspring of Cannabis Cup winning Banana Fig (Purple Fig x Banana Split) pollinated by a super stud of Moon Drops (Purple Urkle x Dosido). While breeding this strain, we anticipated grapey gasoline but the result was more like a Trainwreck-flavored mouthwash. The phenotype we’ve selected is fat flowered, has a bright zing to its aromatics, is gluey to the touch and has an accelerant-type high. The Moonana Wreck’s shiny surface will wow the most seasoned connoisseurs, you can share this strain with confidence. The strain’s Trainwreck profile was so apparent that we decided to add the “Wreck” suffix to its name, although no Trainwreck is actually in the strain’s lineage.

Awarded 14th place in the Indoor Flower category at Emerald Cup 2023

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