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Grown by: Fig Farms

Purple Fig F2 (Tenderloin Pheno)


Many years ago, during a Purple Fig F2 pheno hunt, we found a flower with undeniable stale urine terps.  The phenotype’s raw sewage inspired profile was strong enough to induce gagging when smoking it.  We wanted to release the flower to the public, but we lost the cut in the mom room due to a mislabel. We’ve since been searching for a phenotype of Purple Fig F2 with the same terpene profile.  We recently found a phenotype so similar that we were sure it was the same... But then in the final two weeks of flower, our impersonator flower showed us its true form and developed a tropical complexity to go with the terpenes of its missing sister. We named the new Purple Fig F2 phenotype Doppelgänger… same same but different.

(from our April 2022 newsletter - sign up below!)

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