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6ixth sense

Grown by: Fig Farms

Bred by: Seed Junky

Lineage: Sherb Bx1 #6 Red Vines Pheno

Tasting Notes: Red Vines, Chiclets, blue Hawaiian drink

"...Popping the jar brings an almost aggressive, concentrated red Kool-Aid smell – but those sweet notes are just a mask, as the nugs actually hide a lot of the nose. Once you crunch into them and get a good whiff of all the cannabinoids inside, it turns from a fruit punch into a gassy, nail polish-like nose tickler. Rarely does a strain possess a profile that smells so potent, but with so much sweetness on top of it.


That wild nose carries right over into a flavor reminiscent of Pixy Stix. The taste is not quite as fruity as the nose suggests, but that’s a good thing: Most of the strains that taste the sweetest aren’t your heavy hitters.

As for the high, it’s about as full-bodied as you’ll find with something so tasty. And since it’s a solid hybrid, it won’t stick you to the couch or make your day too fast-paced. Bottom line: 6ixth Sense brings a balanced high with a decent cerebral edge."

From the March 2022 Issue of California Leaf Magazine 



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